Arts, Culture and Entertainment
Arts, Culture and Entertainment

Arts and culture entry level occupations have changed a great deal due to digitization and the adoption of new technologies.

The lower-skilled technical support jobs are being replaced by more complex technological jobs. Still, there are many cultural support jobs that show stable growth including occupations in audio and video recording, film and video, broadcasting, museums and galleries.

Many support jobs are in the rapidly growing New Media cluster. Firms in this group specialize in animation, post-production, special effects and graphic design services.

Artists and cultural workers tend to cluster-that is, live or work in the same area. Almost 40% of all artists in Ontario reside in the City of Toronto, with a concentration of 1.6% of the local labour force double the provincial and national averages. There are 66% more artists in Toronto than in any other city in Canada. 

The highest concentration of artists in Toronto can be found in the following districts:     

  • Parkdale Village
  • West Queen West
  • College Promenade
  • Little Italy
  • Bloor Annex
  • The Distillery
  • Riverdale
  • Danforth and Greektown
  • The Beaches
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