Arts, Culture and Entertainment
Arts, Culture and Entertainment

Jobs and businesses in Toronto’s Culture sector may be both highly clustered and very widely spread.

Writers, musicians, singers, choreographers, graphic designers and illustrating artists, are strongly concentrated in Toronto. The two last groups have grown substantially since the mid-1990s, in keeping with the demand for new media and web-based applications.

Currently, creative people often work in non-traditional or non-arts sectors. Graphic designers work in finance, insurance and real estate; industrial designers work in manufacturing; advertising executives work for car manufacturers and food distributors; video game producers work for health-care firms; artists work in education.

Arts professionals work in businesses of all sizes, from sole-proprietorships, high growth start-ups, second stage companies, to state anchored businesses, to private national and international firms in film, architecture and manufacturing.

Another pattern that has recently emerged is the individual cultural entrepreneur. This has resulted in an increase in small-scale firms and high-tech support services.

At the same time jobs in large-scale reproduction and manufacturing of cultural goods are declining.

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