Most of the middle level construction occupations are in the skilled trades.

To practice in trades where certification is compulsory (e.g., electrician, plumber), workers must generally be certified or registered as apprentices. However, not all of the trades are compulsory. Only 47 out of the 144 trades in Ontario require certification.  

The basic academic requirements for trade entry are the equivalent of grade 10 mathematics and English, as well as science for electrician and plumbers. When newcomers apply for their trade certification they are sent for an assessment  to determine their readiness for the programs.

Experienced internationally trained trades people should bring the proof of their qualification, letters from previous employers indicating where they were employed, the amount of time they worked and what they did. Since the process of gathering the necessary documents can consume a lot of time, the sector experts recommend preparing all the documents ahead of time.  

To become licensed and/or certified Internationally Trained Trades Professionals should contact the provincial licensing office for details on the relevant procedure.

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