Financial Services
Financial Services

Financial services firms look for professionals who can manage risk and understand compliance.

Numerous positions have recently opened up in large to mid-sized organizations. The positions are often for internal auditors and process control specialists as well as anti-money laundering and financial crime experts. Canadian institutions offer special courses in these areas.

Another trend is skills specialization. Employers prefer to hire people with a very specialized set of skills, e.g., an accountant with work experience in property management or a financial analyst with retail experience.

Securing certification and/or designation in the financial services will help ease the path to employment. To accelerate this process, experts recommend beginning the process while candidates are still overseas. For example, to work as a Certified General Accountant, which is the most accessible designation; candidates must complete an Application for Transfer Credits, prepare a resume, and forward this to a prospective employer together with an official copy of school transcripts.

For professional association members, an official letter of good standing is required along with official transcripts. The transfer credit evaluations are valid for one year.

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