Health Care
Health Care

The majority of sector experts advise making as many arrangements for integration as possible prior to immigration.

They strongly encourage investigating and perhaps beginning the Canadian licensing process.

Bridging programs can help internationally trained health professionals overcome barriers such as such a deficiency of English and/or French language skills that are profession-specific, and the lack of opportunity to gain Canadian cultural competency and learn to professionally network.

Bridging programs can also provide opportunities for Internationally Trained Professionals to become licensed and enter the labour market in their chosen field.  Bridging programs may be beneficial in assisting ITP’s to gain an understanding of the practice standards and expectations within the Canadian workplace.

Although bridging programs participants are highly educated and experienced practitioners with a high level of professional knowledge, they may not be aware of the extent to which the practice is different in Canada. Professional bridging programs include:

  • An assessment of existing education and skills.
  • Clinical workplace experience.
  • Skills training.
  • Preparation for a licence or certification examination.
  • Profession language training.
  • Individual learning plans to identify additional training needs.
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