Information Communication & Technology
Information Communication & Technology

In order to enter the Canadian workforce in this sector, most of the sector experts advise making as many arrangements for integration as possible prior to the departure for Canada.

They also strongly encourage planning professional integration before arrival. It’s important to know that ICT jobs are not only found in large companies, but also in small to medium sized companies. These organizations thrive when they employ workers who can accomplish a wide variety of tasks.

They need workers who can not only work with cutting edge technology but also play a role in the market testing and sales it to new clients. Many positions that are currently in demand require performing such tasks as leading a team and heading meetings inside and outside the office. They can also require working on-site with clients and developing and testing products around the world. Often, employers do not wait to advertise position openings through regular channels.

Frequently, people are hired through personal and professional networks using word of mouth or professional ICT associations.

Sector experts advise prospective applicants to invest in professional networking by becoming members of the related professional associations.

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