In the current economic situation, companies are looking for people who not only bring superior skills to the job, but also new ideas and innovation.

Knowledge of a second language is often beneficial to companies competing in international markets, such as Europe or Asia. Canadian experience is still considered to be an important qualification and the lack of Canadian experience is often a barrier highly-skilled immigrants face.

Another obstacle is the lack of connection in the job market. To tackle these obstacles, sector experts advise finding an internship that will help Internationally Trained Professionals obtain Canadian experience and familiarity with Canadian workplace culture. It is also helpful to build formal and informal professional networks. Internationally Trained Professionals can use the same tools to search for an internship as they do for paid employment. Many organizations list internships on their websites.

Another option to find entry in the workforce is to join the mentoring programs that assist foreign-trained professionals to integrate into the workforce. Mentoring programs connect intermediate or senior level Canadian employers with Internationally Trained Professionals. Mentors come from the same professions and can assist in learning about a specific field or area of specialization.

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