Toronto’s retail sector is pushing forward at a sustainably healthy rate, increasing the need for qualified professionals.

Population growth is a primary determinant of demand for retail goods and services. Where growth rates are strong, there are opportunities for retailers, owners and developers to add quality retail presence to the market, supporting the needs and wants of new residents while adding variety and choice for the existing population.

The population in the Toronto CMA is growing, the region of Vaughan has added, on average, 8,300 new residents a year, reaching a population level of 300,000, Brampton adds 15,800 new residents each year.

In today’s economy senior level professionals are expected to have thorough understanding of the following aspects of the retail business:

  • Understanding where customers are cutting back – to better target initiatives to ensure relevance to consumers.
  • Knowing where customers are willing to spend more – to adjust product mix to meet changing needs. 
  • Recognizing the items that customers will buy only at the right price – with implications for store layout, bundling possibilities and more.
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