Tourism and Hospitality
Tourism and Hospitality

The greatest shortages in tourism are predicted to be in the front-line positions.

Adam Morrison, the Director, Project Development of Ontario Tourism Education Council (OTEC), says: “Sometimes people develop their career by moving laterally. A great food and beverage server may choose a frontline opportunity with a more prestigious restaurant over a supervisory position with their current employer. There are a lot of pathways to consider”.

Housekeeping/room attendants is one of the largest departments in any hotel and there is a constant demand for people in this area of the hospitality sector.

To become more employable, sector experts recommend to front line workers to take the emerit National Occupation Certification course. This course can be facilitated in 35-40 hours in a classroom environment. Individuals who are cross-trained for several occupations increase their chances of finding full-time, year-round employment.

Often employers do not advertise positions in newspapers-they tend to recruit through referrals from existing staff. Some employers provide bonuses and incentives if the “friend” recruited stays for a specified period of time.

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